Teeth Whitening

There are a variety of factors that can affect the shade of your smile; the foods you eat, your oral hygiene regimen, aging, genetics and medications can all play a role in the brightness and shade of your teeth.


If your teeth are dull, stained or not quite as white as you would like, we can help. We offer professional whitening trays that can be used at home with results appearing in in 3-5 days.  If you’re looking for immediate results, we also offer in-office (Zoom or Boost) whitening.   The in-office whitening system can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in a single treatment. 


In-office whitening is a simple procedure. The dentist retracts the cheek and applies a resin material to protect the gums from bleaching.  A strong whitening gel is then applied directly to the teeth and activated either chemically or by an Ultraviolet light. The dentist will complete the process with fluoride application to prevent sensitivity.  


Immediately following treatment your teeth will be 6-8 shades lighter.  Supplemental whitening take-home trays can be also be used for future touch-ups.